MiniIMU: different cpu herz

Hi! I’m using miniIMU imu01c 0J003. I’m using it with a BLEND Micro ( ) Arduino board compatible (“Arduino at heart” fully certified from Arduino Store Italy).

After calibrating everything works well, I can read data of accelerometer correctly via serial communication and the sensor is OK.

Now, I’m trying to read the code in the arduino (I’m using MinIMU-9-Arduino-AHRS sketch) to understand a little bit deeper. I’ve seen that there are some timing magic numbers in the code that takes in account that the board is at 50Hz.

But my board it at 8Hz. How can I balance this thing? Do I have to worry about it?


50 Hz is how often the sketch reads the sensors and is not really related to the clock frequency of the microcontroller (which is 8 MHz, not 8 Hz), so I do not think it is something to worry about.