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MiniIMU-9 v5 Not detecting or initalizing

Hey I am having an issue getting my IMU to be detected or initialized. I’m currently using a brand new Mega 2560 board as well as a brand new MiniIMU. I have SCL to SCL, SDA to SDA, ground to ground and VIN to 5v. I am currently just using the Serial code to get consistent readings. The IMU will read once every 30/40 tries. I have rewired it with brand new wires and a new bread board as well just to make sure the connections are solid. If you have any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it.


The soldering on your IMU does not look good, and I am skeptical that the connections are good enough for it to function. It looks like several of your solder joints are not well wetted to the pads on the board. It also seems like you have a lot more solder than you need on most of your joints to the point that they are close to being shorting hazards with adjacent pins. I recommend using the Adafruit Guide to Excellent Soldering, as a reference for fixing those connections.

Could you try re-working those solder joints and seeing if that helps?

- Patrick