Mini Track Link & Pin Question

I just bought the mini track link & pins for my bot project. I attempted to put together a couple track… I mated the two track pieces and then attempted to push the pin through,… it was very snug in the outer hole. I guess this is to be expected and I am guessing it is held together by friction. However as I pushed harder to get the pin to penetrate the outer hole, it seems that it cracked. It is a hairline crack - it did not come apart. I looked for some documentation about how to assemble the track, but did not find anything in your resources. Could someone provide some insight into how to assemble these tracks?

Thanks in advance.



I’m sorry your track cracked. How are you pushing the pin into the hole? I would recommend holding the mated track pieces in your hand, and pushing them down onto the pin into a flat surface. If you line it up well, it should require some force, but it shouldn’t crack. Can you try a couple more tracks?

- Ryan