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Mini SUMO Robot Competition GMX Vol 4 Nashville, TN

Hello Pololu enthusiasts. On behalf of the Mid TN Robotic Arts Society, I want to formally invite everyone to GMX Vol 4 in Nashville, TN Oct 26th - 28th. During this 3 day event members of MTRAS will be hosting several panels. "MTRAS Presents How to Build your very own Robot Minions Vol 2 " , "Geek DIY: Repurpose Your World! Vol 2 " and "MTRAS Presents Mini SUMO Robot Rumbles Vol 1 ". Not to mention we were able to merge hands with GMX and Robot Battles to bring to Nashville its first official "Robot Battles 45 " event. Also note we have some fantastic prizes up for grabs for the “SUMO Robot Rumbles” event including a 3pi Robot, Zumo chassis with two 50:1 HP micro metal gearmotors, a Zumo blade, and a dual MC33926 provided by Pololu. Hope to see you there!


URGENT!!! I need names of all folkscoming to Robot Battles or Sumo Battles only and NOT going to anything else GMX so we can get them limited passes for that room or event only. I know not everyone MTRAS is on FB so if you know of someone, add info for them please! FROM GMX: If they don’t get the names to you by, say, Thursday then anyone not on your list will not be receiving a badge through Participant Registration and will have to buy a regular pass at the door for $40. Even if your not sure it would be a good idea to add your name just in case.

You can add your name here and I will add your name to the list.