Mini Pushbutton Power Switch randomly triggers

I have 3 Mini Pushbutton Power Switches to convert a momentary push button to a latching switch. One to control heater, one to control lights, and one to control wipers. I have the output voltage of these connected to a relay to replace the standard switch to control these. However when I try to turn the wipers off the other 2 trigger (lights and heater get turned on) and the wipers turn themselves back on. They all share Vin and GND. Please help.


If everything is connected to the same supply then it is possible that turning off the wipers is causing a voltage spike that causes the other switches to activate. Can you post some pictures of your setup? What is your powers supply, and how much current does each of the devices draw?

Also, can you tell me if you have the low-voltage (LV, red LED) or standard-voltage (SV, green LED) version of the Mini Pushbutton Power Switch?

- Patrick

Thanks Patrick, I’ve solved the issue by running a new power and ground directly from the battery to get a nice clean power source.

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