Mini Maestro software feature

I downloaded the computer interface software for the Maestro servo controllers. I noticed that it has some built in scripts for different types of robots. I’m building a hexapod and wonder if the hexapod feature in the software will drive one with 3DOF legs. Thanks in advance for the reply.


The Maestro Servo Controllers do not have any built in scripts. However, we do have some example scripts for moving servos in the Maestro user’s guide, and there is a simple hexapod example on our Maestro product page under the “Resources” tab, which might be a good place to start getting familiar with hexapods and the Maestro. Some of our forum members have also posted about their more complex hexapods. Here is one example of a forum post about using an Arduino and a Maestro together to control an 18 servo hexapod.


Thanks for the info.