Mini Maestro sequencer error

i have recently purchased maestro 18 servo controller and when write any script with more than one sequences i am getting 0x0080 error can anybody help me


I have moved your post to its own thread. The error you are getting is a script call stack error (0x0080). It sounds like you used the “copy all sequences to script” button. If this is the case, please note that it puts each sequence into its own subroutine. If you try to run the generated script without any modification, the script will enter the first subroutine and throw an error (0x0080) when it reaches the “return” statement. The error is thrown because the script does not have anywhere to return to. You will probably need to add a main loop at the top of your code like so:

  subroutineName1	# name of your starting subroutine

To get a better understanding of the Maestro scripting language, I recommend looking at the “Command Reference” section of Maestro user’s guide.

If you try modifying your script and continue to have problems, you can post your updated script here, and I would be happy to take a look.

- Amanda