Mini Maestro Powering ESC safely

I’m interested in hooking a Mini Maestro up to an ESC to in order to control a brushless motor. However the ESC is powered by an external 11V battery. The ESC has the standard 3 pin connector that hooks into the Mini Maestro. I’m curious if i need to pull out the power wire before hooking the ESC into the Maestro, since both the maestro and the ESC are providing power, and I don’t want to fry anything.

If your ESC has a BEC then pull the center wire from the ESC.


The servo power rails on the Maestro are not connected to anything else on the Maestro boards by default, so if you are only connecting the one ESC (no other servos or ESCs), you should not need to remove the power wire or make any modifications. If you do want to connect other servos, you should make sure the power from the BEC on the ESC is not connected to the Maestro like pakoregon advised.