Mini Maestro multiple sequence scripts

I am a 3d modeller/animator and am trying to bring my creations to life using 3D printing, micro controllers, servos and this brilliant piece of Maestro hardware… 18 servo mini maestro. Just have a couple of queries.
For my initial assignment, I am trying to run a few different walk and turn sequences that contain only a few frames that need to repeat once called into action from the Arduino micro controller.

Firstly, I can run a single sequence script directly from the Maestro but when I “copy all sequences to script” I get error message “error has accured…program needs to be restarted” when I try to run script from the control centre? The script has all the sequences, i.e.: walk1, turn1… but has these extra “# subroutine” texts?

Secondly, if it is possible to load multiple sequences scripts directly onto the Maestro, can the script be modified to execute for example repeat walk1 sequence 5 times, then turn1 sequence 2 times etc? or does this need to be controlled from the micro controller which leads me to my final query.

Thirdly, I have read the documentation regarding connecting the Arduino board to the mini Maestro via software serial (Uno doesn’t seem to have hardware serial) but they just will not communicate? I connect TX to RX and RX to TX, GRD to GRD and 5V to VIN and power the servos with external power and tried to modify the sample script file that came with the Arduino Maestro library. Initially, I’m just trying to get the Arduino to “call” for a single sequence script to be executed, let alone executing a specific sequence from a multiple sequence script as I firstly described. I cannot seem to understand the correct syntax for the “restartscript” command regarding the hex naming of the sequence to execute.

Please help.

Hello, mayamax

I am sorry you are having problems with the Maestro Control Center. The # symbol is used to indicate a comment in the Maestro scripting language, so anything after that character will be ignored by the compiler. It is normal for those characters to be generated when using the “Copy all Sequences to Script” button.

It sounds like the error you are getting is from your operating system. Can you post a screenshot of the error message? What operating system are you using and what version of the Maestro Control Center do you have installed? Can you post your Maestro settings file as well? You can save your Maestro settings file by selecting the “Save settings file…” option within the “File” drop-down menu of the Maestro Control Center while the Maestro is connected. Also, can you list the precise steps you are doing to get the Maestro Control Center to crash?

Before troubleshooting the rest of your system with the Arduino, I would like to better understand this error you are getting.