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Mini Maestro Controller 12

How to add a delay between frames and whtin a loop sequence ?

Michael Luft

Hello, Michael.

I moved your thread to the “Servo controller and servos” section of the forum since your question is about the Maestro.

If you are using the sequencer, you can adjust the “duration” of a frame, which controls how long the Maestro waits before the next frame is called. To adjust the duration of a specific frame, you can double click on the frame in the “Frames:” menu.

Alternatively, if you copy the sequence to a script, you can add a delay command manually where you want it.

If you try doing either of these and run into problems, please post more specific details about what you have done and how you want it to function, and I would be glad to see if I can offer any additional suggestions. Posting a copy of your settings file would also be very helpful. You can save a copy of your settings file from the “File” drop-down menu of the Maestro Control Center while the Maestro is connected.


Thank you :slightly_smiling_face:

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