Mini Maestro and VSA

Hi all,

I currently have a Halloween prop that up until my usb parallax servo controllers died was working fine. I have four singing skeletons with 4 servos each. The show is in VSA and like I said was working fine. I just recently bought the mini maestro 18 channel and have been trying to get it to work.
I am using VSA 4.0. I have it now set for MiniSSC servo and I am using com port 13 which is the control com port. I can control all the servos in the control center and they all function fine. But when I load the show and try to run it the servos are not working like they should. For example the Jaw of skeleton #1 will reset to close but as soon as the show starts will open fully, stay open and not follow the voice. I have been messing around with the channel settings but cannot seem to get it to work. Can anybody suggest something to try?


Are you using the exact same program (e.g. serial commands) for the Maestro as you were for the Parallax servo controller? Could you try simplifying it by testing a single servo and seeing if you can get it to move as you expect? If not, can you post the serial commands you are sending along with a description of the servo motion it causes (or maybe even a short video)?