Mini maestro 6 - Joystick control and xbee (123 KB)

Hi, I really hope someone can help me. I have a project that I would like to control via joypad,It consists of using only 4 of the 6 available channels on the maestro .I have got this working perfect when connected throught usb using the maestro control center or roborealm but as I will be using 2x xbee pros then I realised a bit of vb programming was required.As I have never done any programming before I downloaded some sample code but none of it really came close to what I was in need of. So I bought the visual basic programming for dummies! I started writing my program and have got as far as retrieving values from both joys and all 12 buttons on my joypad, This was a bit unnecessary as I only needed the values from joy1 and joy2(x,y,rx,ry.The values I get range from 0 to 32767(neutral) to 65534. I understand I then need to convert those figures into the PWM required for each channel(range being 950(low) 1450(Neutral) 1950(high))and then multiplied by four to convert into bytes to send to my xbee(com9),Now I can do the math, I just don’t know how to do it in vb and this book doesn’t cover this area.Some guidance would be much appreciated,I have attached my effort so far.

Thank you!


I might be able to help you translate the math into Visual Basic code if you post the math (i.e. the equations) you are trying to do.

Also, could you please post your code in text using the code brackets rather than posting a zip file?

  • Grant