Mini maestro 24 startup

Hi there,

I’m currently using a Mini Maestro 24 with a number of sensors and servos. All fina, but I’d like to be able to cut power off on the Mini Maestro so that when powered on again it would automatically restart runinig the code on it.

As of now, the system works depending, among other things, on the input from some switches. On startup, the code doesn’t start to run until one of the switches is pushed, and then all the servos go to one of their extreme positions, no matter which the channel settings are.

I’d like the system to run the code automatically everytime the system has power, and the servos to keep the position they were resting at.

Thank you in advance.

You can achieve that by enabling the “Run script on startup” checkbox from the Maestro Control Center.

Standard servos don’t have a feature to report their current position to the controller. The Maestro does not have a feature to remember the servo positions while the Maestro is powered off.

By default, all of the Maestro’s servo channels are disabled on power up, so the servos will not move until you explicitly set their target (which is done with the “servo” command in your script). If the servo has no load on it, then you should simply avoid setting its target and it should not move.