Mini Maestro 18ch. Code Safety and Storage

i have pololu micro 6 & mini maestro 18 channel usb servo controllers and they work perfect. and im extremely happy with them.

few questions:
1.can the code be copied backwards to the pc (reverse engineering?) so that someone will be able to steal the code and use it?

  1. can it reprogram itself? (i have added 2 input buttons to my polulu (next,enter) and 1 digital output with 10 diods.) so i basically want users to be able to save their settings, so that when its turned on these settings will be applied.

Thank you!


It is not possible to extract the firmware or code from the Maestro board through any means we are aware of. However, there is also no non-volatile storage space that would allow someone to change a setting from a custom interface to the board and have that setting remain through a loss of power.