Mini Maestro 12 pot input

I’ve got a robot arm with 6 servos on ports 0-5. I want to build an input device with 6 10K pots on ports 6-11. Will these 6 pots (at 10K each) draw too much from the 5V line?


Each pot will only draw (5 V)/(10 kOhm) = 0.5 mA of current, so having 6 pots should be totally fine. The 5V (out) line can provide at least 50 mA as described in the user’s guide:

Make sure you know which pin is the wiper and hook the pots up according to the diagram on this page:


Thanks for the quick response.


Hi Dave.
i’m still newbie with this Mini Maestro 12. I would plan to build an input device with 6 potentiometers to control each 6 servo motors. I think its similiar with yours. can you help me about the script for this MAestro?

many thanks.

Hello, mansc. See my reply to your other topic: Control multiple servo motors with multiple potentiometers --David