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Mini maestro 12 / parallax 360 servo with feedback

hi there,

is it possible to control a parallax 360 servo with feedback ?. i know i can control the speed via the control app and also through arduino but can the feedback be used to control position.

im looking to rotate a servo 360 degrees in both directions, tried using a multi turn servo but they are to slow to find final position.


Since the Parallax 360 servo with feedback accepts standard hobby RC pulses, the Maestro is able to control it as a continuous rotation servo, like you described. Reading the feedback from that servo requires measuring a pulse width signal as an input and processing it, which is not practical with the Maestro, but you could use an Arduino board to read the feedback and set up a PID controller for closed-loop position control.

Unfortunately, I do not have any specific recommendations for a high speed multi-turn servo. You might check ServoCity’s selection to see if they carry anything appropriate.