Mini-itx based robot

I’m thinking about building a robot based on a mini-itx PC that runs either Windows or Linux and has a WiFi link to a PC and a Webcam. I’m planning to use a custom PIC based board for a USB link to the motor controllers and sensors. I’m mostly concerned about the hardware.

For the hardware I was thinking of a piece of thin plywood that’s about 10" x 18" with 4 wheels powered by an R/C car battery. I was thinking of using 2 x tamaya 72102 gearhead plus tires powered by the VNH2SP30(the motor/controller combo).

  1. Is two sets of 72102 powerfull enough to power a motor of this size?
  2. Is it better to use 2 controllers and have all 4 wheel be independent and run of 7.4V or is it better to wire each side in series and power the robot off two 7.4V packs in series.