Mini GPS software Crashes WIN 7 32bit

I just bought the 66-Channel LS20031 GPS Receiver Module, So I wanted to check it out with the pc before using it with my SVP. What I found out was that minigps will crash on my pc with WIN7 if the gps does not have a fix, if gps has a fix there are no problems with software. I just wanted to share just incase sombody else has this problem. If you let the gps get a fix you can use software to set it up.


I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble with the MiniGPS program. We haven’t heard of this problem before (thank you for notifying us!), and we don’t know any workaround besides the one you mentioned. We don’t know where to download new versions of the MiniGPS software. I searched around for a while and could only find a very sketchy mention of a version 1.4 of the software but no file to download. Also, MediaTek, the publisher of the program, doesn’t seem to have any webpage about the software indexed by Google. One thing you might try is to run MiniGPS in Windows XP compatibility mode to see if that resolves the problem.


jerryt and Ryan,

I’ve been using Media Tek MiniGPS 1.41 for some time. It works on XP Pro 32 bit and Win 7 pro 64 bit so it just may work for you.

Try this link:
It is one of the zipped files.


Hello, Rick.

Thanks for pointing us to that download! I have made the executable available to download on the resources page for the GPS module.