Min motor speed

I´ve done a search …but did not find the subject …
what I miss in the documentation is the lower edge of the motor speed.
I had to learn that a value of 10 does not make a move …I have to set …20
may be 15 could also work …
I would love to see that the sw-lib cares about that.
proposal: check both motor settings and if both are in the range of ±15 add set it
to a working minimum. I´m not sure if DC motors could be damaged by this blocking.
And a way for calibrating the motors could improve the precision of robot control.


You could easily write your own wrapper function for set_motors that uses calibration values specific to your robot, and that can improve the precision and repeatability of motions, especially at slow speeds. If you do that, you should calibrate the two motors independently and also find a maximum pair of speeds that causes the 3pi to drive straight. The 3pi is well-suited to this kind of calibration since its regulator provides a constant voltage to the motors. However, when you are just following a line with sensor feedback, there is not much reason to want to precisely know the speeds of your motors.


yes and no …
yes: if you want to run at full speed you do not care that much about the complete range
no: if I want to make a remote speed control it would be good to know the range and
the whole PID is on one side a very robust approach …but has also some limits
regarding speed of aproximation / reaction to a change / errors …special if some components are not linear.
So if you want to react optimized, it would be good to know in advance your sensors and control elements
otherwise you might easily leave the range of stability.