MIDI to WS2812b over the air

I just wanted to share my project with you that I finished yesterday :slight_smile:

My goal was to control LEDs by using MIDI signals that are coming from a source (here my Scarlett interface) near real time. An Atmega328P (on Carnique MK2) decodes the signal and based on the note and its velocity uses an RFM69HW-wireless chip to transmit the data (address, command (either brightness or color change), velocity) in the air.

On the receiving side there is also an Atmega328P with the RFM69HW that receives the signal and based on a matching channel number, flashes a 8x8 array of WS2812b LEDs.

Iā€™m quite happy that there is near to no latency as you can see in the video.

Have a nice day and stay safe!

Hello, AzmirAhmmhed.

Your project sounds cool! I noticed you did not have a link to the video you mentioned. Also, have you written this up in more detail somewhere? Others might find specifics like your code useful.


thankyou my issue has been solved