MIDI Application

Would I be able to use the Pololu Wixel in a “Master, Multi-slave” configuration, whereby
any one of 3 master can transmitt information to all 3 slaves at 31.25 KBaud (MIDI)?
Wixel would interface, in every case, with a 68HC12 Microprocessor.
Your help on this issue will be much appreciated.



Do you want the information to be transmitted wirelessly? The Wixel can probably do what you want. The Wixel SDK has libraries for doing many-to-many radio communication, but those libraries don’t support lossless communication so some data packets might be lost, forcing you to accept the loss or retry the packet. You could, of course, write your own libraries for the Wixel or change ours if that is a problem for you.

I don’t know much about the 68HC12 Microprocessor but if it has a UART then you can probably connect it to a Wixel. Also, I don’t know much about MIDI data, but if it can be conveniently expressed as a sequence of bytes in your application then the Wixel should be able to handle it.