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Micro Vibration Circuit


I’m looking to create a stand-alone micro rechargeable circuit including the following:

-A micro vibration motor (coin-type for packaging purposes )
-A speed controller including a tack switch for on/off and momentary tacks for increasing and decreasing speed. These need to work after being plastic coated.
-A rechargeable (USB?) lithium battery holder

This whole package would ideally be less than a 2" diameter round package to start and less than an inch thick.

This would be a pretty simple auxiliary device I’m just not exactly sure how to size such small parts including the controller and having a very small package that can also withstand being dropped.

I would appreciate any input!!


There is likely something more suited to your application out there, but if you were to use our Pololu products, you might look at using one of our vibration motors, our Arduino-compatible A-Star Micro, a motor driver like the DRV8838 and some momentary switches. Please note, you would need to do some programming. I do not have any advice about your packaging and power source.


Thank you, this is some great information! I’ll look into these!