Micro Size Air Pump

I recently purchased a blood pressure measuring device that you put around your wrist, and inside of it is an apparently pretty powerful little air pump that’s used to inflate the hollow tubes in the wrist band. I haven’t torn it apart to see what it looks like, but I can envision some robotic projects that could use such a small pump, and wonder if anyone around here has tried to incorporate such a pump into their project.


The above device only costs $15, and I’m wondering how much I might be able to buy just the air pump portion of it if I can manage to find a link for it…

Does Pololu have such a pump for sale, or can anyone point me to a link that sells such a pump?

I’ve seen blood pressure monitors, with air pumps, at thrift stores for $5 or less.


We do not carry any pneumatic pumps. If you do find a place carrying those kinds of pumps, we would be interested to hear about it.

- Jeremy

I found a 3V one on alibaba for US $1.51 - 1.83


My guess is any small-motor that develops higher pressure is a “fixed displacement” type motor.

If we were talking a fluid pump, I guess it could be a gear-motor, but those might be a little expensive. Especially I think if it’s an air fluid those would not be so small or cheap because air has more leaking.

So instead I guess it’s a piston pump maybe? I bought one of ebay with a plastic section on it and it’s roughly the 28D size.

Anyway biggest downside to the small high pressure fixed displacement pumps is they’re trickier to run high volume. So you need to make your lines small and the total volume low.

(scattered various cents, maybe none useful.)