Micro serial servo controller - rs232 ascii communication?


I have a Galil motion controller with an rs-232 port that as far as I know will only communicate through ascii. I would like to use that port to control a Polulu micro serial servo controller. I clearly don’t know enough about rs232 and ascii, but is it just a matter of sending the correct ascii characters to the Polulu device that represent the correct sequence of bits/bytes as spelled out in the Micro Serial Servo Controller manual?

Thanks much,



We do not have any servo controllers that work with just ASCII characters. To use our controllers, you need to be able to send the full range of byte values, from 0 to 255. If your controller can really only send ASCII, it might be able to send only a subset of those 256 values. That would be quite restrictive for a general-purpose controller, so you should check if that is really the case.

- Jan