Micro or 15.5D Metal gear motor for a mini sumo robot?

I’m building a mini sumo robot and both the micro (pololu.com/catalog/product/1598) metal gear motor seem to be good options but I’m concerned about how well these motors can handle lateral loads and about the max torque they can apply before the gear teeth can shear.

So, my questions are
Which motor can handle lateral loads better?
Are the gears in both motors the same or is there a difference in the max torque they can handle?
Does the enclosed gearbox provide any advantage?

Thanks in advance


We do not have the amount of lateral force or torque the gearboxes can handle characterized. However, both of those motors should be able to comfortably handle the weights and forces associated with sumo robots built to be within 500g mini sumo limit.

The advantage of a closed gear box is that it keeps the debris out of the gears. If you use our micro metal gearmotor brackets, they will effectively enclose the gearbox.

  • Grant