Micro motor driving worm gear

Several of the micro motors have the torque and speed necessary for my project if they can drive a 20:1 or 30:1 worm gear. Speed is 6-10 rpm and max torque is 512 oz-in. Is this possible to do with these motors?


Why wouldn’t it be possible?

- Jan

If I were a mechanical engineer, I could probably answer that question :slight_smile: In any case, your answer is reassuring. Can you recommend a motor controller and encoder for these motors?

Unfortunately, we do not have an encoder solution for these yet, but if you get one of the extended shaft versions, you can try to add your own. These motors are small, so just about any of our motor controllers should work, though each off them is overkill in some sense. The qik 2s9v1 is the cheapest option for a basic serial motor controller, but you would be paying for two channels (and maybe you need more than one, in which case it’s not overkill).

If you want to make your own encoder and controller solution, the TB6612FNG motor driver by itself might be useful.

- Jan