Micro Metal Gearboxes or another motor?

This is my first time building anything like this, and have never really used motors before nor any kind of project like this before.
I am trying to make a small car that goes down a track extremely fast. I was thinking of using the Micro Metal Gearboxes on each wheel. I can only have my car be 2.5" wide. I think I can fit these motors back to back to make it work; however, will it be fast enough? I was hoping to get down a 35-foot track in under a second.
Is this the best solution, or is there a better way by using different motors? I have thought of using a gearbox. However, most are too large for my platform. I have also thought of using the basic DC motors and hooking them up to pullies on the wheels.
Any thoughts would be helpful as this is my first run at this.

Thank you for your suggestions and help.


I strongly recommend against starting with a project this ambitious if you have no experience in this area. I suggest you start simpler projects with slower motors before trying to take the size and speeds to extremes.