Micro Metal Gear Motor

Hello all

I need some help picking the right motor I am using the 65 MM spike tire set and looking for a motor that has the torqe to turn the tires I am not looking for speed. What gear set up would you suggest.


Hello, Paul.

If you are referring to the Tamiya 70194 spike tire set, please note that the hubs included with these wheels are intended to be used with Tamiya’s 3mm hex shafts or Tamiya’s 4mm round shafts. You would probably need an additional adapter to mate it with motors with different kinds of shafts, like the 3mm D-shaft on our micro metal gearmotors. Unfortunately, we do not know where you might find one.

The amount of torque you will need to run your robot depends on the specifications of your robot and is something you will have to calculate. If you are unsure of how to calculate this, you might find this blog post about force and torque helpful.

- Grant