Micro Maestro With Matlab


Im trying to use Micro Maestro Servo Controller with math lab. I have this code:

function moveServo(s,x)
    ser1 = serial('COM13');
    set(ser1, 'InputBufferSize', 2048);
    set(ser1, 'BaudRate', 9600);
    set(ser1, 'DataBits', 8);
    set(ser1, 'Parity', 'none');
    set(ser1, 'StopBits', 1);

    fwrite(ser1, [128, 12, 4, s, binvec2dec(bitget(x,8:13)), binvec2dec(bitget(x,1:7))]);


But simply, doesnt work for me. My micro maestro usb led (green) , flash when I try to send information with this code but the servo doesnt do anything.

I saw a friend using a similar code that work but his code was with a Matrix, I believe.


Did you set the Maestro’s serial mode to USB Dual Port? How did you choose COM13?

You might find this post and code helpful:

When you get it working, please post your code here and tell us anything else you had to do. This will help future people who are in your position.