Micro Maestro Switch direction once it hit the desired point

I have a micro maestro 6-channel USB servo controller and am programming it in VC++. I’m not entirely sure how to word it but here is my question. I have a servo that needs to switch from point A to point B as fast as it can but when i put for example:

TrySetTarget(0, 1500 * 4);
TrySetTarget(0, 2000 * 4);

it would switch so fast to go to 2000 that it wouldn’t hit 1500. I can use the Sleep(); command but it is a lot of trial and error to get it just right. Is there a way to make it go to 1500 and then as soon as it hits 1500 physically to then go to 2000?

Hello, nickwalt10.

Unfortunately, no. One of the basic limitations of RC servos is that they provide no feedback about their position, so you can’t actually tell when it hits the end without adding an additional sensor to your system or hacking your servo to get access to internal signals.


That’s what i figured but was worth a try to see if there was a way, thanks David.