Micro maestro speed

Hi, I’m using the micro maestro to control a 4” figure that operates an excavator.
( YouTube, search. Witney diggers rc)
I can use the control centre to move the servos, save frames, compile a sequence and save to script. The model runs on power up and repeats the sequence. All good.
However, Whilst I can alter the speed and acceleration in the control centre I really cannot get my head round how to change the speed or acceleration of a servo so that the servo moves faster in some frames compared to others. The maestro is such a brilliant tool but it is a shame that there are very few YouTube how too’s.

As for looking at the script and making changes there, unfortunately I find this even more confusing and daunting. Sorry.

This is my first time on here so I am not sure how all this works but I have my fingers crossed🙂


Wow, that’s impressive! Thank you for sharing.

Unfortunately, since the sequencer built into the Maestro Control Center does not save the speed or acceleration settings for each frame, you would have to manually edit the script to add them like you described. You might find the example in this post by Amanda helpful for understanding the process. However, if you try adding a speed adjustment to your script and have problems, you can post a copy of your settings file, along with a description of what it is doing wrong, and I would be happy to take a look. Yon save a copy of your settings file from the “File…” drop-down menu of the Maestro Control Center while the Maestro is connected.


Thanks for the reply, is there a link or where do I find the info by Amanda.

Hello Brandon,
Thanks in advance for your assistance.

I cannot seem to find the info you mentioned by Amanda on speed and acceleration.

My new project follows a similar theme,


I have attached my script.
In essence with this project I have a moving figure that uses 4 servos, head, neck, back, motor.
The head, neck and back servos (1, 2 and 3) could work better if I adjusted the speed or acceleration at certain points within the sequence.
I am hoping to see how this can be done with the attached scripts which I could then use the principal moving forward. ( are Pololu likely to developer the micro maestro series to overcome this issue?)

maestro_settings.txt (12.5 KB)

tmp55BF.tmp.txt (6.77 KB)

Sorry for the broken link in my previous post; I have fixed it now.

We do not currently have any plans to change how the sequencer works To change the speed or acceleration of a particular servo channel, you can add the corresponding SPEED or ACCELERATION commands before that frame is called. However, please note that all subsequent movements will be at the new speed and acceleration, so if you only want it to be for a single frame, you will need to set it back to the original value once that frame is finished.

As a quick example, if you want to set the speed of channels 1 and 2 to 20 for frame 1 and then back to 10 after that, it would look like this:

  800 5984 5413 4605 5376 6000 5248 frame_0..5 # Frame 0

  #set the speed of channel 1 and 2 to 20
  20 1 speed 
  20 2 speed

  1000 6101 4478 5087 frame_0..2 # Frame 1

  #set the speed of channel 1 and 2 back to 10
  10 1 speed 
  10 2 speed

  3500 5144 5949 5300 frame_1..3 # Frame 2

  #and so on


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When adding the example you showed to my script, do I copy as it is shown and use the return breaks, as well as the text description or did you do that part for the explanation and I just type in the two speed lines?

Many thanks, have just replied on the forum, sorry it may be a daft question. I can see in my script the lines you refer to and I understand I need to add the speed.
Do I do it verbatim as you have shown with return, text etc or was that just for explanation and I just ad the two speed lines?


I used a snippet from your script just to have context for the example, but you can just add those command to your own script manually. The extra line breaks and comments are not necessary. I just added them for clarity.

By the way, it looks like you replied to the automated email notification, which posts your reply publicly on the forum. I edited your post to remove personal details.