Micro Maestro servo speed control help

I want to slow the rotational speed of a servo connected to a Micro Maestro 6. I’d like to slow it to about 3 sec. for the standard 90 deg. rotation. I thought that this would be able to be done using the speed setting in the channel settings window. When I increase the speed value to its max value which seems to be 3968 and save the settings I don’t see any perceptible change in the actual servo speed when I move the slider in the status window. Am I doing something wrong or is my assumption that the “speed” setting actually controls the speed incorrect.



Hi, Steve.

Both 0 and 3968 are maximum speed settings. I tested a servo with a speed setting of 20, and it gave me about 90 degrees of rotation per three seconds. You might try a similar setting to start.


Thanks Derrill. That’s the answer. I didn’t try numbers that small.