Micro Maestro Servo Controller

Greetings, One And All:

I want to connect the Micro Maestro 6 Channel Servo Controller to my pc USB port via the required cable. I then want to connect three DSM44 Power HD High-Speed Digital Micro Servos to it. The DSM44 has a voltage requirement of 4.8 volts dc to 6 volts dc. Do I look for an AC adapter with a value of 14.4 to 18 volts dc? Can I use two 9 volt batteries wired in serial arrangement? And would the same thing apply to the Micro Maestro 12 Channel Servo Controller? Thank you for your time and patience.


Though you have three servos attached to your Maestro, they will be in parallel with each other. So you only need to supply a voltage of 4.8 to 6V, but they can draw 3 times as much current as a single servo. In general, this is the same for all of our Maestros and other motor controllers and drivers.

By the way, 9V batteries are generally not the best choice for motor applications, because they cannot deliver much current and tend to discharge quickly.



Thank you for your reply. I am very new to this and I have a limited understaning of electricity and no knowledge of programming. I do not intend to regard Pololu as a tutor. Good information is found in your product descriptions. It is time consuming to sit down and take a question and write an answer that will be easily understood. And who has got time on their hands? I’d like to try to answer some questions posted by forum members and it is plain to see my limitations. Thank you for the professional way you handle my purchases. Everything is done quickly and thoroughly.