Micro Maestro + PIR motion sensor?


A while back i asked about how i would go about and do that.
The conclusion was that i should be able to connect it as a contact using the same method as a regular contact.
I’m using a Micro maestro.

This is the motion sensor i’m using

It has three wires
Ground and

Guide on how to connect button or switch

How should i connect the motion detector?

Hello, Moulde.

First, you would configure the Maestro channel you want to use as an input. Then, with the Maestro unpowered and USB unplugged, you would connect PIR Ground to Maestro Ground, PIR Power to Maestro +5V (Out), Alarm to that signal channel, and then connect a pull-up resistor (perhaps 100k ohms) between that signal channel and Maestro +5V (Out). After all of the connections are secure, you can reapply power/plug in USB.

- Ryan