Micro Maestro Labview Drivers/Serial Comm


I’m interested in purchasing some of the Micro Maestro Servo Controllers. I see that they have a USB serial interface.

Are there any NI Labview Instrument Drivers for the servo controller?

If not, is there a programming manual for sending commands over the VISA resource instead of using the Maestro Control Center?


Take a look at this thread:

You can also probably rip out what you need from this code:
Servo Distribution.zip (2.1 MB)

Servo Motion Module.vi is the top level. There is a VISA version and a dotNET (uses the native USB) version. The VISA version is probably the one to start with (then you can still use Maestro Control Center simultaneously). Also make sure you have set the Serial Settings in Control Center (I use USB Chained).

Good luck!