Micro maestro input


I have a Micro Maestro 6 channel. I connected 2 channels (signal lines and ground lines) to BNC connectors. These now receive a single input pulse. I put these channels on ‘input’ with the maestro control center software. The trigger should provoke one step of my servo. My script is written to do this, but it does not detect the pulse. Can it be that the incoming pulse is too fast for the maestro? if not, What could be the reason?

My script is like this:

begin 0 get_position 100 greater_than if #action of the servo endif repeat


Could you tell us more about the pulse you are sending to the Maestro? What is it being generated by, and how fast is it?


My script picks up if i have a infinite train of pulses with ms between the pulses. It doesn’t pick up whenever there’s only 1 pulse. The osciloscope reads 1 to 2 us for the pulses.

I believe thus the us pulses are too fast for the readout frequency of the maestro. I will put a master-8 in between to try to extend the pulse width to ms range.

I’m not sure… with the master-8 giving more pulse width to the maestro than the pulse it receives, it works at some times. But the master-8 doesn’t accept all pulses from our trigger generating system. Maybe the voltage is not enough for the master-8… hmmm

I do not expect the Maestro to be able to reliably detect a 1us to 2us pulse. I am not familiar with the Master-8, but it sounds like you are on the right track.