Micro Maestro for continuous rotation Servos


I have not managed to figure this one out from the specs or the manual. Maybe someone here can help me.
Probably it works as I want it too but I would like to check before order.

Can the Micro Maestro servo controller be used to drive RC servos modified for continuous rotation?
I mean can I one time from the PC send a “speed” (specific pulse length) to the controller and it keeps that until something else happens?


Yes, generating pulses is the main purpose of the Maestro. You can send a Set Target command from a PC to the Maestro to set the pulse length of a particular servo channel and then the Maestro will generate pulses of that length periodically until something causes it to change (e.g. when you send another Set Target command for to that same servo, or an error happens).



The Micro Maestro can work with modified servos just like any other servo controller since the servo controller has no way of knowing that the servo has been modified. The modification just tricks the servo’s local feedback loop so that it keeps thinking the servo is at the center position, so if you tell it to go to some other position, the servo keeps driving the motor because it keeps thinking it’s not there yet.

- Jan