Micro Maestro external power

I have a Maestro Micro servo driver board.
I need to connect the board so that the 5 volt supply which powers my servos also powers the the Maestro…
I see that this just requires a simple wire link…

My question is, am I safe to leave the board powered like that as well as having the USB lead plugged in at
the same time?
Is this safe for the Maestro and the host computer or will I get a power line conflict of some sort?



Just had another thought…
Will my 5 volt power supply be enough voltage to power the Micro Maestro via it’s Vin pin?

Hello, Phil.

Yes, it is safe to have the Maestro connected to your computer via USB with the VSRV=VIN jumper on. The VSRV=VIN jumper connects the servo power rail to VIN; the jump does not connect the servo power rail to USB power.

The Maestro’s minimum operating voltage is 5V, so any small drop in voltage could cause the controller to brown-out. If you want to power the Maestro and servos from a single power source, you should consider using a higher voltage power supply (e.g. 6V) that is within the operating voltage range of both your servos and the Maestro. Alternatively, you can power the logic side and servo power rail separately. Please note that you cannot supply power directly to VIN and VSRV from different sources with the VSRV=VIN jumper on. It will cause a short between the two supplies.

- Amanda

All understood…

Thank you Amanda