Micro Maestro Current Rating

Hi there,

I’m controlling 6 Hitec HS7950 servos with the micro maestro chip. They operate at 6 or 7.4V (mine will be somewhere between this) and can draw up to 6A each at stall. It’ll be a fairly intensive application, so i’d say they might be operating at 3-4A each, giving a total of 18-24A.

I’m worried that this current could be too much for the micro maestro to handle… what are your thoughts on this?


You can look at the back of the Maestro to see how those pins are routed. There are wide traces on both sides of the PCB, and the power distribution is just for the servos, so even if you blow out the traces, it won’t affect the rest of the servo controller, and you can repair it by soldering in a piece of bare wire (e.g. a through-hole component lead) along those pins. My biggest concern would be getting the current to the board in the first place; you should probably solder the thickest and shortest wires you can fit directly to the board.

- Jan