Micro Maestro 6 USB mini B pinout

Hello Pololu Community

I am gonna be using the micro maestro for a project I have an ip68 requirement for it. I need to change the soldered on usb mini b connector to an ip68 USB mini B I was hoping that there was some information regarding the traces and the corresponding numbers? So I can solder on the connector that I require.

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It would probably be most practical to remove the USB connector on the Maestro and solder yours directly to the pads that it used if the footprints are compatible. The Maestro uses the same USB connector as our USB Mini-B Connector Breakout Board, and you can reference the pins on that board for the connector’s pinout, as they are directly connected. From left to right: Ground, ID, D+, D-, VBUS:

Alternatively, if you have the Maestro in an IP68 enclosure, another idea might be to use an IP68-rated extension cable that can be panel-mounted in the enclosure wall. For example, something like this (although we have not tried it).


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