Micro Maestro 6 Servo python3 serial reading problem


I am trying to control Micro Maestro 6 with python3 through a serial port. The problem is, I cannot receive message from the serial port, but there is also no error message from the program, it is just kept waiting for the message from the serial port.

The code I’ve tried are here and here.

By the way, the Pololu Maestro Control Center works perfectly with controlling the servos.

Thank you for your help!


I am sorry you are having trouble controlling your Micro Maestro with Python 3. Are you trying to use one of the Maestro’s virtual USB serial ports that it provides on its USB interface, or are you connecting to the Maestro’s RX and TX pins? What operating system are you using? What serial port does your Python 3 program connect to?

You might need to change the Maestro’s serial mode. What serial mode is it currently configured to use? You can find that setting in the “Serial settings” tab of the Maestro Control Center.