Micro Maestro 6 - servo does not move with EasyExample

I have just got micro maestro 6 chnl controller, tried to run downloaded MaestroEasyExample and MaestroAdvancedExample projects, but servo did not move… Not sure if I am doing smth wrong or there is a problem with servo/controller.

With MaestroAdvancedExample running green and yellow leds are blinking constantly. It connects without a problem to the defaulted #.
5.5V power supply is connected to the controller.
Digital servo (EMAX 08MD) connected to chnl 0

Program is changing 4000,6000,8000 ms but servo does not move.

I did not do any changed to default program code, maybe I should adjust smth?
Motor does not move with EasyExample as well. Green is always on (blinks once on 1000 or 2000ms button click), yellow is blinking periodically.

Thanks a lot!

Hello. Are you able to get your servo to move by dragging the slider bar around in the Status tab of the Maestro Control Center?

Have you been able to control the servo with a different servo controller or RC receiver?


Yes, I tried Control Center, it is not displaying any errors but motor is not moving neither.

I am wondering is it normal that after connecting servo to the controller, voltmeter shows just 0.87 V at the channel 0 pins (grnd and pwr) whereas power supply is 5.5V. If motor is not connected, chnl 0 has 5.5V output.


What is your 5.5V power supply, and exactly where is it connected on the Maestro?


Hi, its Nokia DC charger;) Connected to the 2 power pins (BAT). + and - is doublechecked. Would controller generate any error if motor is failing?


I doubt that a cell phone charger is going to be able to provide enough power to drive a servo. Does it have a current rating? You should try to find a power supply that can deliver 1 or 2 amps per servo.


Good point, actually charger has 800mA, whereas servo does not have any current rating. Cheers Paul

Paul you were right, now I have bought 2.5A supply - servo moves like hell :wink: Thanks



Generally I’d take a statement like this as a negative, but the context makes it sound good, so congrats! Maybe you meant a “bat out of hell”? :wink:

- Ben

Thanks Ben, at least it shows first movements and I am happy with that already :wink: Now need to do some coding and hopefully I will post some video with final aggregate soon;)