Micro Maestro 6 Controller question

I am looking at purchasing a micro maestro 6… Can it control a servo via a momentary push button. Eg. Push 1 servo moves to position 1 and stays there, on push 2 the servo returns to original position.

Does it require being connected to a computer all the time or just during the initial programming stage?

Hey I remember you from the RPF. Yes it can, I’m working on the same thing.

If you are doing a full suit with other servos or LED’s then you might want to look into the Mini Maestro so you have more channels to work with.

Read through he Maestro User Manual, it will explain how to code buttons as well as servos. You connect the Maestro via a micro USB cable to upload your code. You can add external power (batteries) and run your codes without the computer

Yup that’s me on RPF. Guess I probably just could asked you.

I am contemplating doing the hand replusors via some kind of switch in the wrist. Is there some kind of switch device that would activate upon bending it?

Hello, jnsbanman.

It looks like aron42486 answered your questions about the Maestro, but feel free to ask if you have any other questions about it. To sense bending, you might want to look at the flex sensors that SparkFun sells.

What are you making? Based on your mentions of suits and hand repulsors, I would guess you’re working on an Iron Man suit.

- Kevin

I was wondering if I could get your help?

I need to control 2 servo’s (both at the same time) from a button for the faceplate… and a third for the jaw (but that can be added at a later date to make it easier)

I have a simple push button that when pressed I want it to move both servos to a position, and stay there, then press the button again and they move back to the start position.

im totally new at all this and don’t even no how to wire up the switch!!

could really use some help please guys


I noticed you created a new thread with this question elsewhere; my response can be found here.