Micro Maestro 6 Controller Newbie question

Hi, I have a small project where I would like to control the pan and tilt of a camera. Basically I would want the camera to rotate at every 60 degrees, 6 times then the camera would tilt to new angle and then rotate again 6 times every 60 degrees and finally tilt again and stop.

Ideally I would like to trigger the script by remote control rather than by a manual switch.

So far I have seen that this is pretty much all possible using the Pololu Maestro Servo Controller and software to program it.

1×#1350 Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller (Assembled).
#1057 Power HD High-Torque Servo 1501MG
1×#2223 Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack: 6.0 V, 2200 mAh, 5x1 AA Cells, JR Connector

If I want to trigger it by remote control what additional components would I require? Possibly an R/C switch and Reciever? can anyone recommend a Receiver small as poss and uses small battery pack as I need to keep everything as lightweight as possible.

I already have a DVF7 transmiters which is a bit overkill for just turning on/off the receiver, can anyone advise of a more appropriate solution, it does not have to be that powerful range as the Receiver and servos would only be on a tall mast max15m. Have I missed out anything on my list that I would need to make it all work?

Sorry for what may seem dumb questions and I appreciate any input.


I have moved your thread to the Pololu Servo Controllers section.

Our RC switch with digital output might work well with your multichannel transmitter. This RC switch converts hobby radio control pulses to digital on/off signals that can be used to interface with the Maestro servo controller. You can read more about the RC switch on its product page.

By the way, it sounds like you might be trying to get 360 degrees of movement from a servo. According to the datasheet of the Power HD 1501MG, the range is only approximately 180 degrees. If you are trying to get 360 degrees of movement, you might consider using a multi-turn Sail Winch servo or some other servo that can turn at least 360 degrees. Unfortunately, I do not have any recommendations on where you might find one. Also, we do not carry any receivers and do not have any particular recommendations for one.

- Jeremy

Hi Jeremy, thanks for your response and advice on the servos as I could have made a bad mistake with that :frowning:

If I used say this 360 servo

Can I still stop and start it a approx 60 deg increments via the controller?

As for the tilt that would only be a max of 180 degrees so one of your servos I think should be ok.

If anyone else can help with the correct 360 servo that I an control, I would appreacte it.

Hi Jeremy. I found this on your site although I see it is discontinued:


It is a sail winch servo 360 degrees. Do you know if it is possible to control it in approx 60deg increments using the maestro controller? If so then I can try an source an equivalent.

I look forward to hearing from you.

You might be able to use a continuous rotation servo to move in 60° increments, but since continuous rotation servos do not use feedback, you probably will not get the same precision you would get from a standard servo. You might find this blog post on continuous-rotation servos and multi-turn servos helpful for understanding how continuous rotation servos work.

The 1T Sail Winch servo would probably work for your application; however, like you mention, it is discontinued. Unfortunately, we do not have any recommendations for a replacement.

- Jeremy