Micro Maestro 6-channel via USB to Raspberry Pi 3

Hello everybody,
I have a problem. The software for the Maestro 6-channel is installed, as described in the instructions. Problem is that when I enter the command ‘ticcmd - - list’ it prints nothing.
And under ‘ticgui’ it is not connected.
The green LED lights up continuously, the yellow one is flashing . Under ‘lsusb’ the controller is recognized. Have tested the board under Windows to be able to exclude defective cables.
The raspberry pi is running under the latest raspbian version.
It would be great if someone could give me a hinter :slight_smile:

Original text"Hallo zusammen, ich habe da ein Problem. Habe die Software für den Maestro 6-channel installiert, wie in der Anleitung beschreiben. Problem ist, das wenn ich den Befehl ‘ticcmd - - list’ eingebe wird mir nichts angezeigt.
Und unter ‘ticgui’ steht nicht verbunden.
Die grüne LED leuchtet durchgehend die gelbe blinkt rütmisch auf. Unter ‘lsusb’ wird mir der Controller anerkannt angezeigt. Habe das Board unter Windows getestet um defekte Kabel ausschließen zu können.
Der raspberry pi läuft unter der neusten raspbian Version."


It looks like you are using the wrong software for the Micro Maestro. The Maestro’s command-line utility is called usccmd, not ticcmd, which is the command-line utility for our Tic stepper motor controllers. You can download the Maestro’s software for Linux from its user’s guide under the “Installing Linux Drivers and Software” section. Please note that the Maestro’s graphical user interface (the Maestro Control Center) does not work on the Raspberry Pi. For more details, see the “Supported Operating Systems” section of the guide.

- Amanda