Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller Not Connecting?

My Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller is not connecting to my computer when I open the Control Center software.
When connected the yellow LED blinks twice over and over again.
I was looking to make some adjustments to the script that I originally loaded on it as it use to connect.
The device works when I test it with the script that is loaded on the device via the Arduino Uno it’s being run from but I can’t get it to connect now to make changes.
Any help?


What does the green LED do when you connect the Maestro to USB? If it just blinks slowly, and doesn’t stay on, then the Maestro is not receiving a required message from your computer. You can find more information about this in the “Indicator LEDs” section of the Maestro user’s guide.

You might also check your Windows Device Manager to see if any entries for the Maestro show up when it is connected.

If the green LED is blinking and you do not see any entries for the Maestro in the Windows Device Manager, I suspect the problem is your USB cable. Some USB cables are only intended for charging and cannot be use for applications where communication is required (like programming). I suggest trying different USB cables (preferably one you know works with other devices) and different USB ports on your computer.


The green LED doesn’t come on at all. Only the blinking twice over and over yellow LED which from what I read in the information means, “while a double flash indicates that at least one of the servos is enabled or one of the output channels is being driven high.”

It’s also not showing up in Windows on 2 different computers and I tried multiple USB cables.
It’s obviously getting power from the computer when I connect it as I see the yellow LED’s when it’s connected. It also moves the servos when powered with a power supply so it’s working in that regard…

There just seems to be a communication problem directly from a computer.

You might try examining the USB connector on the Maestro to see if you can notice any bent pins inside that might not be making contact. Additionally, you can check for any of the connections to the pads on the PCB to see if any of them are lifted.

Also, do you have any other devices that you can use to confirm that your USB cable(s) can transfer data?