Micro Maestro 6 channel USB Error

When I unplug the Micro Maestro 6 channel usb servo controller from my computer the error light begins to flash red and the same bits of my code seem to happen over and over again. I have run on startup selected so when I turn on the control board I want the program to run the program. I am not using serial. I have a common power supply with a saudered wire from Vin to Power on the control board. I have it grounded in both places it has GND labeled. Do I need to power the reset for serial? Any ideas for what the error could be causing the blinking red light? The program works fine while connected to teh computer and errors don’t begin till after I disconnect the USB cable. When I plug the controller back in and click errors it lists Serial Overload.


Did you try it with your servos disconnected? If everything seems to be running fine without servos, but you get the brownout LED flashing pattern (described at the end of that page) when you have them connected, your batteries are probably low.

If that is not the problem, please remove as many things as possible from your setup and describe everything that you have connected to it.

As for connecting GND to the negative terminal of your battery, there are actually three pins labeled GND. But a single connection is better than multiple ones (loops of wire pick up more noise), and it should be to the GND by the servo pins, not to the other two pins labeled GND. See our connection examples - yours should look like the “One power supply” example.


Also, I do not know what you mean by “Do I need to power the reset for serial?” You do not need to connect anything to the RST pin unless you want to reset the board from an external controller, and you are not using serial, right?

As far as I know, there is no error called “Serial Overload” - can you post a screen shot?


Thank you. After changing from a common power supply to seperate supplies for the motors and the board it all works. Thanks for your help.