Micro Maestro 6-Channel cant make it work

windows 10 elite book 840 g2 I bought the batterie , 2 servos sg90 and power hd 1600aa , connect to all correct , choose my serial number , firmware version 1.02 then updated 1.03 . green light blinks and yellow light blinks twice. no erro code ! try my servos on Arduino works perfectly . tried to upload a picture from my maestro but did not found where to attach


Can you post a copy of the firmware link you downloaded from? What kind of batteries and how many cells are you using? Can you post pictures showing your setup and how you have everything connected?

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- Amanda

Rechargeable NiMH Battery Pack: 6.0 V, 900 mAh, 5x1 AAA Cells, JR Connector

◦Firmware version 1.03 for the Micro Maestro 6-Channel USB Servo Controller (usc02a)

thanks for reply

my batterie is giving me only 2.5 v its brand new , I will buy another one and test

its my battery just test with a new one and it works!