Micro Maestro 6 channel and servo Dynamixel AX-12A

I’m tring to control the servo AX-12A with a Pololu Micro Maestro 6 channel card but it doesn’t work.
The comunication between PC and Pololu card is OK.
An external power supply 9Vdc is connected properly to Pololu card and to the servo AX-12A.
The serial setting is set to UART fixed baud rate 9600
The servo is connected to the channel 0 and I left the default configuration Mode: Min: 992 Max: 2000 …

Could you suggest me a solution?

Thank you


Could you clarify how you are trying to control the servo and what response the servo is having? Are you using the Maestro Control Center, or are you sending serial commands from another device? Does the servo move at all?

What are you using for your 9V power source? It looks like 9V is the minimum operating voltage for that servo; have you measured the voltage to make sure it is a full 9V?

Also, could you post pictures of your entire setup?