Micro Maestro 12-Channel, jumper + JR pins

I need to connect the jumper and a battery pack to a Mini Maestro 12-Channel. My products haven’t arrived yet but I am still thinking of how to connect 'em :smiley: Well, I saw the tutorial and noticed a small problem. Given the pic pololu.com/picture/view/0J3212) although the pin on the left is not used and they must be put… on the two bottom-right pins. So, I don’t know if I am wrong, but isn’t one more pin needed? :open_mouth:
Thanks a lot


Yes, if you plugged that particular JR connector into the 12-channel Maestro’s VSRV pin, the unused slot would cover one of VSRV to VIN jumper pins.

You might consider trying to remove the wires from the connector housing and swapping them so that the unused connection would be on the other side. You would do this by prying up on the tabs of the connector and pulling out the wires; however, the tabs on those JR connectors are fairly brittle and have a high chance of snapping off.

Alternatively, you might consider cutting off the unused slot of the connector.


Is there any battery pack/JR connector that uses 2 pins only? I am sure I will mess up if I start cutting parts off. Don’t know why Micro 12 is made this way :cry: Thanks for your help!

We do not carry battery packs with a 2 pin connector, but I am sure you could find one if you search other websites. There are many potential solutions for this. One solution might be using separate jumper wires from the Maestro power rail pins to your battery connector.


Alternatively, if you do not need all 12 channels of the Maestro, you can also connect the battery connector to any unused channel of the Maestro, since the power and ground pins are on rails.